Simultaneous Equations Worksheets

Simultaneous equations and finding y co-ordinates. Free maths worksheets for exam practice. Plus many more if you click on the link in the post.

Simultaneous Equations Worksheets

Here you can find free simultaneous equations worksheets to help you with your everyday homeschooling.

We’ve been learning about simultaneous equations this week and it’s been taking some getting used to. My son has needed some extra worksheets for practice purposes so I’m sharing these two I found, with you.

Simultaneous Equations worksheet 1 download here

Simultaneous Equations worksheet 2 download here

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For other Simultaneous Equations lessons and worksheets, you can see more on the Printable Worksheets In site here.

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Simultaneous Equations Workbook

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Simultaneous Equations Workbook 21st century

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Linear Graphs y=mx+c Worksheets

Free Linear Graphs y=mx+c worksheets

Here are some freebie workbooks I found for my son to practice his graphing and y=mx+c sums.

linear graphs y=mx+c free maths workbooks.png

1. Drawing Linear Graphs with knowledge of y=mx+c.



2. Equation of a line



3. Gradient of a line



4. y = mx+c



5. y = a graphs



6. x = a graphs


7. Find equation of a line


8. Find the equation of a line through two co-ordinates


****All the above are thanks to Mr Barton Maths.*****


9. Type of Slope – Question and Answer worksheets


10. Slope from a Graph – Question and Answer worksheets

**** No 9 + 10 are thanks to Printable Worksheets****

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This post contains affiliate links which simply means that if you make a purchase after clicking one of my links, I may receive a small commission as a thank you, at no extra cost to you!

Other Maths Help:

Systems of equations workbook

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Plotting Co-Ordinate Points Free Worksheet

“Welcome to The Plotting Coordinate Points (A) Math Worksheet from the Geometry Worksheets Page at This Geometry Worksheet may be printed, downloaded or saved and used in your classroom, home school, or other educational environment to help someone learn math.” This is available with answers.

To download and print this worksheet click here.

Plotting Co-ordinate points 1

Decimal Operations Free Poster

“Use this excellent Decimal Lesson to teach or review operations with decimals! My students loved the simplicity and color coding in this math lesson.” – Ms Moore from Moore Educational Resources.

Get this free printable here!


Math Cheat Sheet Freebie gr 4-8

For everyone who struggles with math, here is a Math Cheat Sheet! It functions as a student handout, an addition to a school binder, or a free homeschool math reference sheet to complement a homeschool math curriculum. Grab it here!


Thanks to Samantha from Learn in Color.

10 of the Best Free Algebra Worksheets for Home Education

gets Lots of free math algebra worksheets here!

10 of the best free algebra worksheets for home education and revision from Feed Our Life. Free maths algebra worksheets and links to fantastic sites teaching algebra and other math lessons!

Are you looking for some FREE maths algebra worksheets to use in your home school classroom or for revision for school exams? Well look no further! I have found several maths algebra worksheets for year 7, 8 and 9 (even foundation GCSE) by some reputable education websites and which I have used for my son in his daily math home education classes. Take a look…

  1. Printable Worksheets – this site collates various worksheets from all subjects, so this one is well worth browsing through to see if you can find resources that will suit your lessons! Here are the Solving Equations worksheets I used this week. There are a load more different ones if you look down the right hand side of their page!

Printable Worksheets logo

2. Math-Drills – this site has some great worksheets and I have linked you to their page containing their most popular algebra worksheets for the week.

Math Drills logo wide

3. Maths Warehouse – This site looks great! I haven’t yet used their algebra worksheets as my son has not reached this section or level of work (graphs and plotting points, among others). They also have a handy little automatic equation slide at the top of the page, reminding kids how to do equations – very handy! It’s worth browsing through to see if you can use their resources for revision for GCSE exams. If you are not ready for their worksheets, then bookmark their site for use later on! The link here is to their whole Algebra page.

Mathwarehouse logo

4. Kuta Software – They have a range of various algebra questions and answers, plus many other math worksheets (pre-algebra, geometry, pre-calculus and calculus). I have used their multi-step equations worksheets for my son this week which you can access in the Equations box on their Free Algebra 1 page.

Kuta software logo

5. Home School Math – If you would like to use just one site and generate your own worksheets as and when you need them for your child’s lessons, then try this site! They have both ready-made worksheets AND a generator which you can use to create daily revision worksheets! Great!! Here are their free worksheets for linear equations page.

6. Easy Teacher Worksheets – this site has science, English, social studies, foreign languages AND graphic organisers and teacher printables! We used their Solving Equations worksheets in our home ed classes these last two weeks. If you check out their menu Math worksheets by topic down the left side, you will find a host of worksheets you can use!

7. Helping with Math – Here are some more math worksheets –  Solving Equations AND check out the related resources at the bottom of this page. They also do all subjects and by grade too!

8. Math Aids – I have used loads of worksheets from this site over the years! So it’s one of those that you should bookmark! Here are some algebra worksheets to get stuck into!

9. Super Teacher Worksheets – These basic algebra worksheets introduce kids to using and writing algebraic equations with letter variables. They also cover all other sections of math too!

10. Algebra Worksheets – I just found this site! We will definitely be giving their worksheets a try. They also advertise that you can do exercises on the ipad too. Here is one on Variable Expressions.

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