Start a sewing website for free

Start a sewing website for free and plan your posts for a year

Start a sewing website for free!

Learn how to start a sewing website for free by choosing a free creative web building platform, deciding on your niche market and planning your crafting posts for an entire year. I will show you how to set up and organise your new sewing website correctly, from the start, ensuring you know exactly what your blogging goals are and how to achieve them.

Disclosure: Some of the links in this post are “affiliate links.” This means I may garner a small commission at no cost to you if you choose to make a purchase. Read my full Affiliate Disclosure Statement for more information.

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Use this model for any business

Very few business models are as popular nowadays as the business blogging model. This is one model where individuals entertain themselves by networking with others, build on their knowledge and, naturally, build on their business leads. That can be said for creating a sewing website or craft blog. You can earn a living from selling your handmade crafts and designs and for promoting or recommending others’.

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So, why aren’t you blogging yet?

The one thing about blogging you need to understand is that by launching your own website you are able to monetize it in a lot of different ways. Whatever your business, you should be able to show off your interests and make cash out of it. Just having the blog itself will be enough to earn passive income from.

If you just have a crafting interest and only want to share other bloggers’ posts on your blog, you can STILL earn money from it without selling a single handmade item of your own. All you have to do is talk about their product and promote it. Most sellers online have some kind of referral or affiliate program which pays you to send customers their way.

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Increase your web presence

So many people are shopping online these days, so increasing your web presence is critical. If you don’t have a website, chances are you are losing business to your competitors. You can’t just rely on flea or craft markets anymore. Having a craft or sewing website will authenticate your professionalism to new customers and confirm your stability to your existing customers.

It doesn’t have to be complex; you don’t even need an online shop. You can simply use your site to present a professional company image, to tell people about you and what you do, which is how you will gain customer loyalty.

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Where did it all begin?

Blogging started out as a means of conveying personal thoughts, then bit by bit it became a publicity tool for stars and paparazzi. Eventually, it reached the entrepreneurs of this globe. Marketing is becoming more and more competitive, campaigning through the internet ensured that blogging research achieved a new peak.

Blogging has come a long way from easy web pages to exceedingly sorted and read material of the net. Comments on blogs and the speed of sharing blog links amidst users with similar interest show the might of blogging and its popularity on the global podium.

There are plenty of advantages of blogging for small and big businesses and even the non-trade sections like awareness-creating organizations worldwide. Surveys demonstrate that individuals tend to trust companies more, who engage in blogging.

Your own website is a great way to maintain relationships with your customers and blogging regularly about upcoming events or products will keep customers and new followers interested.

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Creating your sewing or craft website is cheap and easy

It’s never been so cheap and easy, and free, to create your own website. No need for experts! Thanks to free web-building tools and platforms, anyone can create their own professional-looking website in just a few days.

There are many web builders out there and it will be worth your while spending some time studying their various pros and cons to find the one that’s most suitable to your needs and expertise.

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Here are some free web builders to help you create your creative website:

1. WordPress

WordPress has a simple system for newbie bloggers that will allow you to build an intricate site on which you can sell, promote or simply blog…WordPress is perhaps the most famous blogging platform in the United States.

The statistics show that the WordPress platform hosts at least 33% of all blogs and websites in the U.S. This stat is probably because WordPress is so user-friendly. At the same time, it is a platform that offers a wide variety of add-ons, plugins, and perks that draw people to their site.

Themes are one of the best things that come with the WordPress format. The themes in WordPress vary from formal business themes to party ideas, art studios, and much more. Whether you are starting a flower shop or a multimedia company, you will find just the right theme to accent your online website or blog.

Plugins are another great feature of the WordPress site. Plugins allow you to increase the level of engagement by offering a wide variety of multimedia plugins, as well as many others. There are plugins specifically featured by the WordPress people; then you can also find some off-site plugins that were developed for specific uses. Some examples of WP plugins include the JetPack plugin, Yoast SEO, and Anti-spam plugins.

Another great feature of WordPress is that you can either install the software on the site or use the integrated onboard platform at Also, you can choose any server that allows WordPress, and you will be able to integrate the features of WordPress right within your web server.

2. is the downloadable version of the site. You may download the standalone version of the viral blogger platform by using this site. Their blog hosting service is free, but you may want to purchase the additional options such as a custom domain name or other storage, to start.

Some of the advantages of the version of WP are listed below:

No setup required

Easy to use

Fast editing options

The disadvantages of are listed below:

Limited options to extend your site content

No ads may run on your blog

You do not own your blog

Like, the WordPress engine is owned by the WordPress people. This means that in both cases, they can shut down your account for violation of their terms. In short, you are at the mercy of their technology and terms of use.
But if you want something simple, it might be an option for you, and you will have access to hundreds of plugins and add-ons.

3. Weebly

Weebly is renowned for its simplicity and allows you to sell through Paypal or Google Checkout without taking a percentage cut. allows you to build a drag-and-drop website with dozens of themes quickly. The easy drag-and-drop interface makes it easy to create a website or blog.

The free plan allows a free trial as you decide whether it is the best platform for you. You cannot add new features, and there is a limited amount of integration and migration that you can do to and with other platforms. So you’ll need to stick with the Weebly platform once you decide to use it for your blog.

The beginning price for Weebly is $8 per month, but you can pay up to $49 per month for additional features.

4. Wix

Wix is the favorite platform with millennials, as well as anyone who doesn’t know where to start regarding setting up a platform. It is simple to do and only takes a couple of hours, according to most people who have used it. It’s a great way for any small business, musician, artist, or anyone else to create a website using the drag-and-drop tools.

If you are a blogger, you can also use Wix as a hosting platform for your blog. Add the Wix blog app to incorporate a blog into your websites.

One advantage of Wix is that it is free unless you choose to get rid of the Wix promotional ads. Then it will cost you from $8.50 to $24.50 per month. Wix’s eCommerce plans are limited to the paid plans.

5. Typepad

Construct your blog through WordPress and Typepad takes care of the uploading and hosting. They also do a lot of the SEO for you so you can be certain your blog will rank higher from the beginning.

6. Blogger

Blogger is a free charge tool and you will have to contend with unpaid ads on your site. (also known as Blogspot) is considered the Google alternative to There are approximately 46 million users on Blogger either posting site content or visiting a blog. also owns them, so this means that, as a blogger on their site, you will get much of Google’s traffic just for posting.

It is a simple blogging platform that allows users to quickly post, using the onboard tools such as image insertion and video embedding to feature multimedia content. The most significant advantage of is that it is 100% free.

That being said, is a very simplistic “barebones” platform that does not allow integration within other platforms (other than to link out to it) and there are very few outside perks or add-ons.

Unlike WordPress, you also cannot download a standalone version of the blogging software. However, the automatic statistical metric graphs and other onboard tools allow you to quickly view how your blog is doing with your audience without the use of extra tools.

There’s no code to paste in your page like there is with other servers to use Google Analytics. The Google Analytics metrics engine is already working on the site. You can also easily add Google Adsense ads and monetize your blog with every post.

7. Joomla

Joomla is similar to the WordPress platform in that it is based on an open source software system. It is considered a self-hosting system so this means that you will need to get your domain name and individual web hosting to use it. There are hundreds of attractive templates to choose from to customize your site’s design, and there are plenty of extensions available that you can use to customize your site.

If you are comparing the Joomla platform to WordPress, you’ll find it lacking regarding the number of themes available. You also have to manage your backups and updates. Make sure you have your security installed since Joomla does not do this for you.

The site says that your “site will look good on any device.” So they are confident that their online platform will make your site mobile-friendly and allow you to reach hundreds of people no matter what platform they come from.

8. Squarespace is an easy-to-use platform that allows you to create either websites or blogs with drag-and-drop tools. Small business owners can benefit from using this web platform to create a website without having to use any coding quickly.

If you choose the $12 personal page version, you’ll be able to create up to 20 pages with one blog. If you upgrade to the $18 per month business version, you can have unlimited pages, an eCommerce page, and a free custom domain.
The site is a minimalist site that allows business owners or independent artists to create original material including blogs and eCommerce sites to make their debut online.

The above are blogging platforms that you are able to produce your blog on, utilising the software they supply.

Creating great content on your blog (including keyword optimized text, video recordings and pictures), will ensure that your website will be ranked well within Google and fast. Search engines adore blogs with regular updated content and those which get lots of page views.

You can run your site as a blog for FREE or you can buy a domain name which can cost as little as £1.29 per year. You will also need to pay for a website host; pricing for this can vary and there are free options out there, but it is most certainly worth spending some money for greater speed and reliability.

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Plan your blog posts

You do not want to find yourself staring at the computer screen wondering what on earth you’re going to write about. You need to have a ‘filing cabinet’ of ideas for you to reference so that publishing your next post won’t feel like a headache. If you’re a sewing nut like me, you will surely have a cupboard full of fabrics. I tend to file my fabrics in groups so that I can find what I’m looking for easily.

For instance, my fleece fabrics are together, the satins and fancy laces are stored together, cottons and patchwork fabrics get put together. Lycra and dance fabrics are stored together. This way, when I decide to make a certain TYPE of project, I know where to find the right fabric for the job. Similarly, you need to create a filing cabinet for all your post ideas. Trust me, if you don’t you will forget half of them and end up writing about similar subjects, with no structure to your site.

It is important to plan beyond your next post.

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Here’s your not-so magic formula:

1. Establish your main blogging goals.

What do you want your blog to do? Is your main focus to establish yourself as an expert in your field, or to become a hub for other bloggers in your niche, or to just be fun and entertaining? Perhaps its all the above and more! That’s fantastic, but it helps to have objectives to work with right from the start.

2. How often will you post?

You will find that is a difficult question to answer. You will need to schedule in time into your calendar. This will make updating your blog easier when required, as you would have already budgeted the time. How often you blog will depend on your blogging objectives, your audience and your audience’s appetite for new content.

3. Who is your audience?

Your audience depends on what you want them to do at the end of a post. If you want them to comment and engage, you could look at the breakdown of your social media followers to understand the type of person coming to your site. For most people, at least one objective will be to increase your income or sales. So get a piece of paper and map your typical reader / customer, and you can have them in mind when you write each post.

4. Brainstorming blog ideas.

Create a spreadsheet with dates or days you are planning to blog. First off, write down what you’re passionate about. Look at what other writers are saying within your niche and dot ideas down. Think about what might be useful to your readers / customers, for example, you could review products, recommend suppliers or give away a free product or service. Whenever you get blog inspiration, log into your spreadsheet.

As we all know, inspiration can come at any opportunity. When you hit your writer’s block, you will have lots of inspirational notes in your spreadsheet to help you with your next post. Tip – when you get questions from customers via email or social media, add these too, as your blog is a great place to answer them.

It might be useful to add columns to your spreadsheet based on broad topics you would like to write about. Use the topics to create sub topics which will each provide the basis for a post. For example: Say you have 5 main topics, you only need 10 ideas under each topic to blog once a week for a year!

5. Decide on the format and author of your content.

It can be easy to think of blogging simply as writing, which is scary if you don’t think of yourself as a natural author. So consider other options such as adding images or videos, How-to guides, links to other blogs or list posts which will be as easy to write as they are to digest. (Something like this post!) You also need not be the sole creator of all the content on your blog. If you admire or work with complimentary disciplines, why not interview them for your blog?

6. Add your blog ideas to a calendar.

Now that you have your core topics, your list of blog ideas and a variety of different formats to present them in, add all of this to your spreadsheet, mixing it up so that you have a good balance on the variety of content over time. Then when you have a bit more time, you can create posts en masse, which you can schedule for later publication. You will find what works best for you.

7. Commit to your schedule and measure your results.

Give yourself a realistic expectation (say 1 post per week to begin with) and go from there. Put digital pen to digital paper when you say you will. The routine is good for developing your blogging commitment but it also results in repeat visitors as people are more likely to return to a site that blogs consistently. Using blogging software that tracks page views (like Google Analytics) will allow you to see what content is getting you the most views and let that guide your future content.

8. Get your blog noticed.

Starting your blog is one thing but getting people to come and visit is another. Use popular social media sites and buttons to encourage content sharing. This is an essential step in boosting search engine visibility for any business online.

9. Share your blog through social media.

It doesn’t matter what your blog is about, if people can’t find your site then they won’t be able to see your products or services. There is further reading on this topic here. 5 Ways to Elevate Your Social Media Presence


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Getting noticed

Setting up a blog is a great way to build and expand your craft business, directing potential customers to your site. People will always prefer a friendly and informal vibe over a commercial sales-driven approach.

Just remember, you’re not the only one setting up a crafting blog, and you may up against one that’s been running for some time already. You will be competing directly with them. So you need to get noticed.

There’s one really neat trick that you can use to help you connect with readers and customers, and advertise your blog to other people. That is adding social media buttons to every post and product page you create.

Adding social media buttons to your blog:

There are 2 basic types of buttons Follow buttons and Share buttons.

Follow buttons:

Pinterest Pin It ButtonFacebook logo button

You should have these on your main page of your site, or in the header/footer. They link straight back to your social media accounts, such as Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Pinterest etc. They allow visitors to sign up directly to your accounts with just one click. They are great because they allow you to grow your following. Keeping up to date with your blog posts and products, will keep them updated and coming back for more.

Share buttons:

Share Buttons


These are a little different as they allow visitors to share the content of your pages with people in their social groups. Hear hear.. did you hear what I said? They allow visitors to share your content with everyone that they are connected to on social media. There is a strong possibility that their friends share the same interests and could become potential followers and customers – that’s smart marketing, at no cost to you!

For example, if you create a product page or blog post for your wedding cake toppers, anyone that visits that page can click the Share button and instantly send a message to everyone that they are connected to with details and/ image of your product, with a direct link back to your page!

This will help you increase your page views and with that, the search engines (like Google) will recognise the links back to your site and increase your standing.

Sharing on social media and adding buttons to your blog is a great first step to getting your blog out there!

Ways to monetise your blog:

The following are a few ways in which you can monetize your blog:-

  • utilise pay-per click advertising on your blog
  • directly sell or promote products
  • give away on eBook or e-zine subscription and get leads
  • build a blog, populate it and sell the entire thing for profit

If you’re interested in earning money from your blog right from the start, grab this e-book on affiliate marketing, where I teach you how to join affiliate programs, adding your unique links to posts and promoting other peoples’ products and services – Master Affiliate Marketing Like a Pro

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Workshop 1:

Identify your blogging goals – the objective of this workshop is to ensure you know exactly what the purpose of your blog is.

What do you want your readers to do after they have read one of your posts? Without having a clear idea of this, you could end up spending a lot of time writing posts which do not meet your objectives.

So what are your objectives? Deciding on them now will save you time in the long run.

Think about the following questions. Write them down on a piece of paper (You can print this post if you prefer) Circle the statements that apply to you.

After reading my posts, I want my readers to_____________________

or ADD IN YOUR OWN_____________________________________________










So, now it’s decision time. Choose just 3 from the above. They will be your main objective when writing your blog. Don’t rule out the others, but if you want to work towards any of them, you need to be more specific and list them down. Better still, write them on a post-it note and stick them to your computer or somewhere where you can see them.

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Workshop 2:

Who is your perfect reader?

Now that you know what you want your blogging to achieve, next you can think about your blog and who YOU want to talk to. Below is a worksheet which will help you get inside the mind of your perfect reader. It is crucial to have a clear and detailed image of your target reader.

Why? This will really help you when deciding on your writing style, your blogging topics and what you ask your readers to do once they’ve finished reading your post. Give it some time and you will soon reap the rewards.

Before you start:

This exercise is going to work your creative juices and get your imagination working overtime. You may feel tempted to skip over it. You may feel a but silly. Don’t! Have fun with it and trust the process. I promise it will help you loads!

If you don’t have any information about your readers yet – just imagine what your future readers will be like. You may want to come back to this exercise again once you actually have a loyal base of readers.

You may also find over time that your perfect reader will change. Feel free to come back to this exercise as many times as you like and tweak it to your heart’s content. The important thing is to start with one target reader in mind and go from there.

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Ready to get started? Great!

Think about your readers and list everything that comes to mind. Age, occupation, salary, marital status, family, education, location, values, beliefs, hobbies, interests.

What do all your readers have in common? I want you to merge as much of the above to form one ultimate reader model – this person will represent your ‘perfect reader’.

So, start imagining what life is like for your ‘perfect reader’. Give them a personality and a NAME. Get to the nitty-gritty. We want hair color, favourite book, favourite supermarket, what they do in the evenings, home/work/family life. As much detail as possible.

Look at life through their eyes. What are the daily challenges they might be feeling? What are the things that get them feeling really excited / happy / nervous / giggly / irritated / angry / scared?

What do you think your ‘perfect reader’ is feeling or telling themselves or others when they are ready your blog? Why do you think he / she is ready it? What problem does it solve? Or what dream does it indulge?

Time to get a bit dark and twisted. Think about the following: What is your ‘perfect reader’s’ secret fears? What keeps them awake at night? What are the things they hope nobody knows about them? How could your blog help them to solve these worries or prevent these things from becoming a reality?

Now for more cheerful thoughts. What are your ‘perfect reader’s’ greatest hopes, wild fantasies about their current situation and how do they imagine other people would react if they achieved those dreams? How could your blog help them to achieve this feeling?

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Final thoughts:

I know that your readers are unique, just like you. But it is important for you to visualise one particular reader at all times when writing your posts.

Keep your ‘Perfect Reader’ in mind as you work on your blog. Get into the habit of asking yourself – “what would my perfect reader think of this? – and use your answers to guide you.

Whether you’re just starting your first blog or a seasoned blogger looking to make money, I am confident that this post will help you grow your brand, improve your Google ranking and reach new readers and customers.

You can use the blogging plan for ANY type of website you want to create. If you are interested in crafts and sewing, like I am, talking about something you are passionate about is all-important to keep your creative juices flowing. Just remember to keep your niche in mind when creating your website right from the start. Good luck.

Why not let me know how you are getting on creating your first blog? I’d love to hear from you! If you have any questions, I would love to help. You can contact me here.

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Start a sewing business website for free

The Sewing Book


Work from home using free affiliate marketing techniques

Work from home using free affiliate marketing techniques


Work from home using free affiliate and niche marketing techniques. Perhaps one of the most popular techniques marketers utilize on the world wide web to make a profit, is “affiliate marketing”. Work from home and earn a passive income today.

Work from home

It is a reality and many bloggers are leaving their day jobs to start websites and blogs where they can utilise affiliate and niche marketing techniques to earn a substantial living.

Although there are numerous business models available, it is quite safe to say that affiliate and niche marketing probably ranks inside the top 3.

Affiliate marketing – definition

Fundamentally, affiliate marketing means to promote someone else’s product and getting paid a commission for it.

If you know how to manipulate the affiliate marketing model successfully, it may make you a millionaire! And without leaving the comfort of your home.

What are individuals on the Net mainly looking for?

Data, that’s right! If you supply them with the data they are looking for, you are a winner the whole way.

Buy my new e-book on Affiliate Marketing and learn the secrets behind thousands of wealthy affiliate marketers!

Start with an affiliate network

Begin by making an account on an affiliate network like the Shareasale. This is a network where advertisers post their advertising needs. There are thousands of sellers which you can choose from, apply to join the ones that suit your niche, get approved and start promoting their products!

It’s so easy. Shareasale is a reputable network with thousands of well-known companies using their promotional services.

Start by promoting products within your blog or website posts, linking the products with your unique affiliate ID. This way you won’t be paying out for advertising costs.

Join my affiliate marketing program here!

Google Adwords

However, if you have the budget, you can use Google Adwords to help you market the products. You simply begin a campaign, mentioning the product you require to market and give the URL that you’re advertising.

Adwords will mechanically search for the correct site matches for the product and will advertise on them.
The pay is fantastic. You get paid for each click that your ad gets. This is known as Pay Per Click (PPC).

There are some affiliate networking sites, like Shareasale we have mentioned here, that pay only when a sale made. In this case, it becomes a Pay Per Sale (PPS) affiliate service.

With Adwords, your only disbursement is in beginning of the campaign. With that said, you are able to bid on how much you wish to spend from the outset. So you are in control of your budget.

The returns, however, are much more than whatever expense you put into the business at the beginning.

Further reading: How to make money blogging

Niche marketing

What’s a niche content web site?

A niche content web site is a site that panders to a certain group of individuals. Like gardening is a niche; cooking is a niche; motor repair is a niche.

Others would not be interested in reading about these subjects. However, individuals who are interested in these subjects will certainly pack your site and even come repeatedly to look for fresh info that you must put up day in and day out.

There may be a niche inside a niche. Like, in gardening, there may be a sub-niche of how to do away with aphids or how to utilize the right mix of fertilizers to make those grapes larger. These are sub niches.

You have to remember one thing here… the narrower you’re making your niche, the lesser is the number of individuals you are getting for your web site, but at the same time, these individuals are more centered and they will be more mattered to in doing business with you.

Think about it. If somebody truly wants to have a little info on aphid removal, they are not going to find too many web sites on it.

If your web site has that content and likewise promotes some product relating to it, like an aphid spraying product, the likelihood of that visitor purchasing the product from your web site is indeed elevated.

Where to start

First of all, think of a popular niche that you would like to build a website on.

You may go to places like Keyword Tool and check out what many individuals are looking for. Type in a couple of niche related words in the search bar. It will then generate a host of keywords that you are able to utilize. These are the keywords that individuals are searching and are most popular.

Establish content

You’ll need to have at least fifty pages or so of material to make some sort of impact. This means a whole lot of writing! If you want to learn how to start a new website and plan post content, read this related post: Start a sewing business website for free.

Spruce up these materials by using correct keywords within the content of your posts so that it reaches out to the individuals who are looking for the particular information.

Then, look for products on your affiliate network (like Shareasale) to promote on your niche web site. Use the affiliate banners and text provided by the affiliate programs you belong to. Place them within the content of your posts, pages and widgets.

By having your own web site, you are saving cash on advertising services like Google Adwords.

You then have to popularize your web site to get pageviews and click throughs. You do this by utilising Pinterest and making pins for your posts, pages and products you are promoting.

Further reading: Earn money through blogging

Learn more

If you would like to learn about affiliate marketing in detail, please purchase my low-priced e-book / course which is totally self-paced and printable upon download. Presented in a pdf format, you can read it offline in your own time, OR read it on your laptop or device, where you can utilise the links built within the content. I have priced the course nice and low so “normal” folk, who don’t want to or cannot spend hundreds on a course, can learn the basics of affiliate marketing…and begin to change their fortunes. Get it here.

This e-book course is about learning how to make money fast! From home! Part-time or Full time! As a hobby or career! Using affiliate marketing strategies and other peoples’ products or services. No need for financial outlays or start-up costs or buying stock. This is a tried and tested method of making a decent income from doing just a little computer work each day.

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5 Ways to elevate your social media presence

5 Ways to elevate your social media presence -

5 Ways to Elevate Your Social Media Presence

Your social media presence can make or break your business success. In this post, I will discuss 5 ways to elevate your social media presence which will enable your readers to have a more consistent and positive experience with your business when interacting with your site.

When it comes to marketing on the various social media platforms, everyone wants in on the action. Social media marketing, on the surface, seems like a relatively simple concept.

“Just create your accounts on Facebook and Twitter, then upload some content and links, and you’re done.”

Setting up profiles and tweeting links are simple.

But that’s not all that’s involved.

Build your brand

Building your brand, so you have a broad reach and influence in your industry is a whole different story. Having a good, or even great, social media presence can help your business grow.

Unfortunately, this is really only possible if you can develop a large following and learn how to provide them with the content they want.


Have you taken all the necessary steps to get your name out there yet?

Have you set up social media accounts on all the major sites?

Do you have a routine for writing and posting content on a regular basis?

Are you interacting with your readers and sharing your information about your business on other sites?

If the answer is no to any of the above q’s then you need to fix that!

It is through this interaction that you will be able to build substantial relationships with your readers and elevate their opinion of your business.

If you are already using social media and answered yes to all the q’s above, with the hopes of growing your business, here are five ways to further elevate your presence on social media and gain the following that you desire to grow your business successfully.


1. Look for Opportunities for Discussions

When you are trying to elevate your social media presence, you have to look for opportunities to engage your audience in relevant and value-added discussions.

You need to ask the following questions.

• What is the current hot topic in your industry?

• Are their questions that are important to your readers / customers?
For example, if you’re marketing ice cream, you might ask the following questions.

• Do my customers prefer the traditional flavors like chocolate or vanilla, or do they like to get a little wild and get crazy flavours?

• What process do my customers use to select the perfect scoop of ice cream?

In this type of scenario, you could conduct a simple poll to get a better understanding of what the majority of your customers like.

However, it can’t always be about answering simple questions. Instead, you need to give your customers the chance to engage in the discussion.

Open-ended questions create better opportunities for you to participate in discussions and debates with your readers, more so than multiple-choice questions.

If you have a more complicated marketing campaign, you will have an equally sophisticated collection of topics that will provide you with the opportunity to keep your audience up and debating into the wee hours of the morning.

An added advantage is that every time one of your posts receives a comment, it increases the chances that they’ll see the next post. Ask questions about topics your readers understand enough about to be able to debate them!

2. Create Chat Times

The more significant your blog, the more difficult it will be to connect with all your readers on a personal level. Smaller blogs, however, can use the personal interactions that they have with their audience to increase reader satisfaction.

Choose one of the social media platforms and create an event or a hashtag that will give you the opportunity to chat with your readers.

During the event, provide them with troubleshooting tips and provide suggestions on how to make their experience with your website better. Ask them to provide you with questions, being sure to give them serious and thoughtful answers.

Setting up specific times to chat with your readers is a great interaction strategy because it gives your audience particular times when they know that they will be able to reach you.

As you plan your chat times, go in with a specific list of topics that you would like to discuss. However, don’t feel as though you have to stick to the list. Let your readers take the lead and discuss topics that are of interest to them.

If the conversation starts to falter, you can dive into your list of pre-planned issues to help get them re-engaged in the discussion.

3. Look at the Content that is Driving Interaction


The entire goal of being on social media is to engage with your readers and followers. So, you need to let them determine the type of interaction they want.

First, you need to look at what social media sites are getting the most engagement.

Are your readers and followers mostly interacting with you through your Facebook account or Twitter?

If you are using Pinterest, how many views are you getting on your pins?

What about your Instagram account?

Which social media sites do your followers care most about?

Regularly look at the content that you are posting on your social media channels, paying particular attention to which posts have received more or less interaction than usual.

What are the topics that are drawing out your followers and which ones are getting them to return to chat with other readers?


Any new announcement (like the launch of a new product or course) generates attention, therefore, ensure that you are prepared for the big reveal ahead of time to increase your reader’s excitement and create more interactions.

4. Tie in Blog Posts

For the most part, social media posts are intended to be relatively short. Every platform has a text limit, so there’s a minimal amount of information that you can share before the platform cuts you off and tells you that you are out of space.

Plus, even if you had an unlimited number of characters that you could work with, you don’t want to write more information than you are confident that your customers will read. However, this doesn’t mean you can’t share more extended content on the various social media sites.

Drive traffic to your site

Use your social media channels to drive more significant traffic to your website or blog.

Provide a compelling headline and one or two sentences as a teaser, plus a graphic from your post that will grab your audience’s attention.

You could ask a question that will tease your audience into visiting your site and reading your post to find the answer.

This will create in-depth interaction with your social media profiles and help to increase the amount of traffic to your blog.

Stock Images

5. Use Visuals

Visuals go together with social media like peanut butter and jelly

In fact, images are regarded as the most crucial tactic that you can use to optimize your content on social media.

It has also been shown that they get more engagement than text alone.

So, to start making a significant impact on social media, it is imperative that you start posting more images to your social media accounts.

However, not just any image will do.

Posting generic stock photos will not be enough.

Some of the most shared and successful photos that you can post include:

  • Photos relating to your business and the people behind the scenes – team photos / event pictures / photos of your customers
  • Infographics – information you display in the form of a poster
  • Pin graphics – specifically for Pinterest
  • Quote photos

These types of photos all have one thing in common; you create them.

Be sure to brand custom graphics with your website name or blog logo so that your audience can easily trace them back to you.

There is always the potential of an infographic or selfie going viral and getting shared by thousands of followers, making it a quick and easy way to elevate your presence on social media!

Here is an example of 2 Pinterest pins of mine that went viral! (And still rising)

5 Ways to elevate your social media presence - viral pins on


Social media is most certainly the place for businesses, brands and blogs to show off.

As more and more websites begin to engage in social media, it is vital for you to up your game and outshine your competition.

Social media offers your business a platform that enables you to get in touch with your readers, followers and customers, and understand them better, allowing you to provide them with better service and deliver what they need.

Improving your social media presence and engagement is the key to earning more fans and followers, and ultimately, more money.

However, elevating your presence does take a lot of hard work and creativity. But by implementing these five techniques into your social media marketing strategy, you’ll start to get more exposure, broaden your reach, and build your brand.

It won’t happen overnight, but with time and dedication on your part, you’ll be able to gain the social media recognition your business deserves and you will ultimately reap the rewards.

Learn more here


Would you like to subscribe to this blog? Please fill in the contact form below. I promise I won’t bombard your inbox with nonsense!

5 Ways to elevate your social media presence - learn how to use social media platforms to grow your website or business and outshine your competition!

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Did you check out this top secret system yet? Everyone is talking about it and how it’s making ordinary people up to $3,000 a day. It’s mind-blowing stuff! Follow the simple instructions and you can earn $3K in the next 24 hours. And then $15k within the next 5 days.


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Happy blogging…until next time!

How to Make Money Blogging

Do you want to know how to make money blogging? Thousands of people blog and many of them have discovered that you can make really good money from it. But it’s not just money you can make, you can get all sorts of freebies too – like tickets and vouchers to use online - the opportunities are endless! Often the successful blogs are ones that find a niche to attract people and then go from there. Sound interesting? Read on to find out how to make money blogging.

Do you want to know how to make money blogging? Thousands of people blog and many of them have discovered that you can make really good money from it. But it’s not just money you can make, you can get all sorts of freebies too – like tickets and vouchers to use online – the opportunities are endless! Often the successful blogs are ones that find a niche to attract people and then go from there. Sound interesting? Read on to find out how to make money blogging.

How do you create a blog?

Blogs are completely free and pretty easy to set up. You can be in complete control of your blog yourself, and all you really need to get started is something interesting to say. Even if you’re completely new to this blogging lark, it’s honestly not difficult to get the hang of.

So what are the best blogging sites?

If you use a free hosting service like Blogger, you’ll be taken through the process step-by-step. It will provide you with a web address, a template and text editors so you won’t need any kind of previous expertise at all. It’ll do all the complicated stuff for you. (If you can use a word processor, you should have no problems using Blogger). Two of the most popular website builders on the internet are and GoDaddy. They are partners with thousands of companies which provide plugins and accessories that work easily with their formats. If you are serious about starting a blog and making real money, then try either WordPress or GoDaddy for a fail-proof start. 
Bear in mind that most blogs make no money, others make a little, and only a lucky few make enough money to provide their owners with a living. Although it’s something you can do in your spare time, making money from a blog is effectively like running a business. You have to put a lot in to get a lot out.

The secret to blogging success is contained in three things: good content, good traffic and good marketing. And we’re not going to lie – achieving all three is hard work and certainly won’t happen overnight.
Let’s take a look at the first one.

Good Content: what do you write about?

This one is all on you. You need to have an inspired idea for what you’re going to write about and you need to be able to write about it well.

Step 1: See what’s already out there (and get inspired!)

Take a look at Google Blog Search to see what other blogs are out there.
Read blogs that write about subjects you are interested in. See what they do and how you could do it better. Learn from other blogs about how they make money (if they do) and import those ideas into your blog.
Ultimately you want to stand out, but don’t be afraid to take various ideas from good blogs you see around the internet. That’s how the best blogs get started.

Step 2: Decide on a subject

It should already be obvious that your blog can be about absolutely anything. If you’re looking to make money out of your blog, some subjects can attract more lucrative advertising than others. (For example, if you set up a really popular travel blog, holiday company advertising can offer reasonable commissions).
What we will tell you though, is to write about something based on your real life experiences, or something that you are genuinely enthused about. Successful blogs are successful because they are built on passion.
How focused your blog is on a particular subject is up to you. Some websites build up a huge amount of traffic just by collecting together all the weird, funny or interesting things they find online. Most successful blogs, however, tend to zone in on one particular subject.
Try to find your own niche within the market. There’s no point trying to cover multiple news topics as you’re effectively competing with major websites with millions of readers. Provide something different to what’s on offer elsewhere. If you feel most websites aren’t paying particular attention to a certain topic, or aren’t covering it particularly well, and you can do a better job then a blog is your perfect chance.
As an added bonus, if your site builds up a good following then you can start using it to get ahead in the blogosphere. If your blog covers music, you can start asking record labels (and it’s probably best to start small) for free promo tracks that you can review. Labels will have to spend a lot of money on advertising, and often something like that is effectively free advertising for them. You give your blog credibility by consistently staying on top of the latest releases and you get free music at the same time!
A word of caution: do be careful if you are writing about your work on a publicly available blog. Employees have been disciplined or even sacked for writing what is seen as negative material about their employers online. If you are going to blog about your working life, it’s probably sensible to make sure you blog anonymously.

Step 3: Know your audience – and let them find you

Who are you writing for? Family? Friends? People in your profession? Or the general public?
Knowing this will dictate the writing style of your blog, the layout, and how you let other people find out about your website.
If you’re serious about your blog making money then you need to be aiming for a very specific market. You also need to make sure that that market finds out about the blog.

Good Traffic: How do people find out about you?

It takes time to begin with but with persistence you will get there. Start small by telling all of your friends – maybe put each new blog post in your Facebook status or mention it on Twitter and encourage people to share with others if they like it. Make sure you have a link to your blog and a few words that sell it to lure people in.

The right name can do wonders

A catchy or memorable name for your blog is crucial if you are to get people’s attention and make them click on your blog.
You can call it whatever you like – but make sure your blog name is the same as the URL if you want your site to be noticed. (The URL is the bit that goes at the top of your internet browser – so Feed Our Life’s URL is ‘’).
If you want your URL to match your blog name, you will need to purchase your own domain name. However this isn’t usually very much – most website ‘domain’ names can be bought for less than £10 a year (sometimes they only a cost a couple of quid).

A couple of other rules to follow when naming your blog:
1) Keep the title short and snappy
2) Avoid using things like hyphens in the URL (it makes your web address complicated and hard to remember)

Get your blog out there

It’s a good idea to get your blog published on a blog directory. This is a site people interested in reading blogs more generally visit and it could be a very powerful tool.
Set up a Facebook group dedicated to your blog. Invite all your friends to join and if you’re good with technology, you can set up an RSS feed so that all your blog posts will automatically be uploaded to Facebook. With over ten million users, Facebook is the perfect free advertising space.
Twitter can be similarly useful. Once you have written an article on your blog, perhaps you could tweet a link to your article at some celebrities (ie those with a lot of followers) asking them to ‘retweet’ it – if it involves them there’s every chance that they will! You can also use things like ‘hashtags’ – for instance we may do a tweet and write #money – to try and attract people’s attention.
The ideal scenario would be for one of your posts to make it on to a site like Digg or Mix (formerly StumbleUpon). These are sites where others have recommended pages from the web they liked. Obviously you can’t make this happen – but if your content is good enough, who knows? Make sure you put links to these websites on your blog so that people can instantly vote for it.

Good Marketing: how to make your blog stand out

Even before you get great page views, apply for and set up Google AdSense. However, you will need to “qualify” to be eligible to join the AdSense program. (You will literally make CENTS per day for a while. But that’s ok, it’s motivating!). It uses specialist search technology to target your site with relevant advertising. This means that once someone comes to your site to read your blog, if they click on one of the adverts, you will get a share of the revenue. It usually follows that the more informative your site is, the more people will click on relevant ads.
If you have AdSense set up, when the pageviews finally start coming in you will be in the position to earn some money with ads.
You could go from making 3 cents per day to making $1.50 per day to making $20 per day with AdSense as page views grow. Eventually you will make over 100$ per day with ads.
Once you reach 100k pageviews per month, you can apply to work with ad networks at the “top”. (Like Adthrive)
There are other networks out there to keep an eye on and work towards on your way up: (no requirements)
MediaVine (25k sessions / monthly)
Monumetric (starting at 10k to over 10m pageviews/ monthly)

Who is your audience?

But before you do all of this, there are some things you may want to think about first.
Who are your target advertisers?

It may sound obvious, but it’s best to pick advertisers who suit your target readers. This not only involves looking through potentially suitable advertisers, but also asking yourself what type of people will be reading your blog.
This may be quite hard to work out initially, as if it’s just a general blog it will be difficult to determine readership. But once you’ve decided the aim of your blog – or its ‘niche’ – then you can jump into advertising. Even if it’s just a blog about yourself, it’s likely your readers will be like-minded people, so if you write a lot about music then choose music advertising.
With a small blog, to make money from advertising you will need people to click through to the adverts. If the advertising is not suited to your audience then you won’t get any people clicking on them, and you’ll just have some redundant advertising on your page!
Be careful with your advertising though. Most people don’t mind a small amount of advertising – sometimes it can even brighten up a page. But if people are inundated with pop-ups and videos when on your blog they’ll get annoyed and probably won’t come back. There’s nothing wrong with advertising, just try and make it discreet.

Build your traffic

Obviously, unless you have serious amounts of traffic, this is only going to be making you pocket money. It’s a free service, but you might want to spend some time focusing on the content and layout of your blog so you can form a community before you begin advertising.
Readers are put off by advert-filled pages, so it’s best to focus on content before you begin to carefully select which adverts to put around your page. If the readers aren’t completely bombarded with them, and the adverts you choose are geared towards the readers, then you’ll do better from it.
You’ll probably need to attract hundreds of thousands of visitors to your website in order to make a living from this kind of advertising, but if you just stick to the basics above your blog could be a nice little side earner.

Sell things from your blog

Don’t forget that you can also sell things off your blog (or even advertise your own services). This is likely to better way of making a bit of cash from your blog if the size of your readership is more modest.
If you write a gardening blog for instance, you could sell seeds or an e-book of all your top tips. And if you make a living as a gardener, use the blog to advertise your services, and include photos and write-ups of your best past commissions. It will be a lot more eye-catching than a bog standard CV!
Alternatively, if you’ve decided to start a more creative blog with examples of your illustrations or creations you’ve made you could sell some of these too. Sites like Etsy and Big Cartel offer pages for independent designers to sell their products, and you can attach these links to your blog so people can purchase if they like.
The possibilities are pretty much endless for selling things on your blog, and the more inventive you are, the more you stand to earn.

Alternatively, get other people to sell your products for you! Just make sure you have a worthy product to sell. If you want to write an e-book, take your time. Quality trumps quantity. Write a product that people will LOVE. And that your affiliates will promote and sell easily. You also want to give your masterpiece away at the beginning, as a FREEBIE! Once you have enough bloggers who love it and who will consider selling it for you, then you are A-for-Away!

Create a newsletter

There’s nothing to stop you setting up a regular email newsletter to readers, particularly if your blog is selling a service or products. We like the price and service offered by Aweber. They also offer a free 30-day trial. Bonus.

Other email marketing companies include:

<a href=’http://OptinMonster‘>OptinMonster:


<a href=’http://RocketResponder‘>RocketResponder:

Making your blog successful is all about establishing yourself as an expert, as someone a reader can trust and relate to. This isn’t going to happen overnight, so if you’re serious about having a blog that makes money, you need to be in it for the long haul.
Plenty of people have created popular blogs which make them a decent revenue, so it’s certainly possible.

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Earn Money through Blogging

Top Paying Affiliate Marketing Programs and Networks

How to earn a passive income

earning money through blogging - earn a passive income -

Earning money through blogging

Earn Money Through Blogging - earn a passive income -

Just like many new bloggers, at some point you will ask yourself, “Can I make money from my blog?” The simple answer to this question is YES!
The concept of passive income is very attractive to anyone starting out in the blogging world. Wouldn’t you like to make money while you sleep? This is basically what passive income is. You create digital products that you can sell on autopilot. Or you join an affiliate program. Basically, it is most certainly possible for anyone to earn money through blogging, as long as you realise a few truths.

Earn Money Through Blogging -

The truth: Blogging can be an absolute game-changer. But remember one thing. What you put into your blog, you will get out. You need to be realistic with yourself. Blogging for a living is certainly possible, with a lot of time and commitment.
I have read the same articles and blogs about “set up a blog in 10 minutes” and “earn $5000 after a month” as you. They are simply not true!
Blogging takes a lot of dedication, time and energy. If you are not honest with yourself about this, you will set yourself up for failure. Coming up with consistent interesting content that readers will enjoy can be exhausting! And you do this over and over again. If you are still interested, then please read on.

Earn money through blogging - earn a passive income -

Set up your blog to make money. Starting out can be daunting. Not many bloggers know everything before they start. It’s very much a trial & error. But I will give you a tip. If you start out with one of the free websites, that’s great for getting to know how the platform works. But as soon as you want to take things further and monetise your site, it won’t allow you to. Secondly, a free website will remain the property of the platform you are using. Any content you write does not belong to you. And they can shut you down for any reason, at any time. And thirdly, they only give you a limited choice of themes which usually aren’t so nice.
So my TIP for you is to self-host your blog. There are plenty of brilliant choices available online, but the most popular is Bluehost. Founded in 2003, Bluehost is one of the largest and most respected web hosting providers in the world and supports more than 2 million websites worldwide. Bluehost has been one of WordPress’ top recommended hosts since 2005 and offers an anytime money-back guarantee.
Customers can cancel at anytime without penalty to receive a prorated refund. Full refunds are available in the first 30 days (minus the cost of domains if cancelled after three days).They also provide an unbeatable support network which is available 24/7 via phone, chat, and tickets.
Their expert support staff are robustly knowledgeable and constantly share their knowledge and expertise directly with their customers.

Earn Money Through Blogging - Earn a passive income -

It doesn’t cost that much for the year so I reckon it’s well worth it!

Earn Money Through Blogging - Earn a passive income -

Write content that attracts readers. You need to write content that visitors to your blog will want to read! Generally, readers are looking for somebody to solve their problems. For instance, this blog is about helping people realise that they can earn money through their blog.
I am helping someone. The more you HELP people, you will gain their trust and form a relationship with them. By doing this, they will come back for more of that valuable content you write. If you create courses or e-books, then you have a better chance of these same readers buying from you.
There are many ways to write valuable content every time but here’s one trick I use. By learning from other bloggers who have made it I can cheat at it just a little.
1. Choose about 5 of your favourite blogs.
2. Go to – it is not a free site, BUT it does allow you to do about 5 free searches per day. You can only see the top 5 most shared articles, but that is all you need to know for now.
Add the website you want to analyze in the search bar. Take note of how your favourite blogs have worded, set out and used stock images on their posts. For them to get their posts shared the most, they must be doing something right – copy their method! So, check which posts have the most shares and write a cheat list of ideas that you could use in a blog of your own.

Earn money through blogging - earn a passive income -

Pinterest saves the day, again! It’s no secret that most bloggers are using Pinterest to drive traffic to their blog for FREE!
Before I converted my account, I always used Pinterest to find sewing patterns and homeschool resources, and had no idea I could link my blog with my Pinterest account to drive traffic!
If you already have a Pinterest account, then you need to convert it into a Business Account. Its FREE.
Next, you should insert an image of yourself in your profile. If you are not happy with doing that, then a business logo is okay too. Make sure you have at least 20 boards that are relevant to your audience.
For example, my Pinterest account is called Feed Our Life and my blog is about blogging, home schooling and sewing, so I created relevant boards:

I have 100+ boards in total, including Group Boards…ranging from crafts, sewing, recipes, blogging and making money!

Next, when you write a post, you need to create click-worthy images for Pinterest that will lead visitors to your blog. Make sure the images are pretty with legible fonts. Learn from other bloggers’ pins. If they are getting pins, then they are doing something right! Create 2-3 pins on Canva for each post and place one at the top and bottom of your post. And obviously you need to link them to Pinterest.
Group boards are boards owned by other people. These are overlooked by many-a-blogger and can dramatically increase your traffic after just one week. Look for group boards in other people’s Pinterest accounts or use PinGroupie, a website that provides you with a list of all group boards on Pinterest. Join some of the Facebook groups on Pinterest Group Boards: most of them have some great group boards opening on there every week. In order to join a group board on Pinterest, you need to send a message or an email to the person that owns the board.
All the above points are what I did to go from 0 views on my blog to over 350,000 in less than 2 months blogging.

Once you have page views to your blogs, directed from Pinterest, you can start creating things to sell, like online courses and e-books, and earn commissions through affiliate marketing.
Personally, I haven’t written any courses or e-books yet! But I have dipped my toes into the world of affiliate marketing.
There are many other affiliate programs available online, and if you want to join one that is within your niche, then go to Google and search “your niche + affiliate program”, for example, “homeschool curriculum + affiliate program”. All the companies who supply educational curricula and who have an affiliate program will come up in the results. Then you simply contact them and ask to join their programs!

Here is a list of fab Affiliate Networks & Programs which I belong to and which you can join too!

1. Amazon Associates

2. Shareasale

3. Bluehost

4. Creative Market

5. Appliques With Character

6. Swoon Sewing Patterns

7. Pinteresting Strategies – Carly On Purpose 

8. OptinMonster

9. Tailwind

10. WP Forms

11. Social Intents – Email List Builder

12. Social Intents

13. Grammarly

14. Craftsy

15. AdornIt

Lastly, if you are serious about making money blogging, then you need to invest in yourself.
There are also a lot of free courses available, but sometimes you just need the reassurance that you are getting valuable information. Buying a course is not wasting money. However, do some research and make sure the people you are buying from are trustworthy. Don’t be afraid to email the course owner before you buy. If they reply to your questions, then that should reassure you that they are trustworthy. If not, then steer well clear.
Do yourself a favour and don’t invest any money in blogging if you are not serious about it! You can end up spending a lot on courses before you realise it. If you just want to explore blogging and find out a bit about how to get started, then there are plenty of free resources available (especially through Pinterest) and use your time to invest in learning as much as you can FOR FREE!
I personally read lots of free blogging courses and tutorials before I felt was ready to invest any money in blogging. I started thinking about earning money through blogging about 3 months ago. Since then, I have read hundreds of blogs (for free) about how to earn money.

I have also read some courses and e-books that my fellow bloggers have created and I’ve paid for. One e-book that I would definitely recommend you reading is Pinteresting Strategies by Carly on Purpose. She has created an informative e-book with tons of advice that I haven’t yet found for free. Many of the other bought-and-paid-for courses tried to teach me stuff I already knew! Argh. However, saying that, I have not paid a fortune for any course.

But be careful. Some can get pretty expensive. Just be savvy and get reviews first before buying blogging courses.

I have gained a wealth of knowledge in the short time I’ve been blogging.

It’s hard work. And can be lonely. BUT I am enjoying the journey!

If you are interested in blogging for a living but have some Q’s, please do not hesitate to email me! I promise I will reply to you!
If you enjoyed this post, please follow me on Pinterest where you will find lots of lifestyle, homeschool, sewing and blogging tips!
Thanks for reading, until next time!

Earning money through blogging - earn a passive income -

Top Paying Affiliate Programs

The Best Affiliate Marketing Programs for Bloggers

top paying affiliate marketing programs and networks

Some of the best ways to earn money on your blog is to become an affiliate and promote other people’s products and services! It’s an easy way to earn a recurring and passive income from your blog, without having to do much at all! In this post I will list some of the top paying affiliate marketing programs to make money from including the affiliate marketing program.

Affiliate marketing is probably one of my favourite ways of earning passive income as a blogger. I am signed up to many different affiliate programs that I love and it’s only natural and fair to recommend them to others.

Before I go any further, please read my Disclosure Policy, and note the following: “I may get commission for purchases or clicks made through links in this post”.

Recurring commission affiliate programs are one of the best forms of affiliate marketing, because you have the potential to earn a long-term revenue totally passively once someone clicks on your affiliate link and makes a purchase.

I have collated a list of some of the best affiliate marketing programs / networks that you can join.

This list may be updated at any time so be sure to follow my blog to receive further updates!

Amazon Associates Affiliate Program - the best affiliate programs for bloggers - top paying affilaite programs -

Amazon Associates Affiliate Program


The Amazon affiliate program, called Amazon Associates, allows you to earn from 4% to 15% on purchases made using a special link on your blog or website. Amazon is one of the world’s biggest marketplaces. Even though there are so many affiliate marketplaces in the world, many bloggers, and big companies use Amazon to sell their products.

Depending on your geographical location or your target market, you should sign-up for the Amazon affiliate program in your location. For instance, to sign up to the United Kingdom program, click here. To join the US program, called Amazon Associates Central, click here. Scroll down to the bottom of the home page and look through the list of headings in the bottom menu and click on the associates program.

Shareasale affiliate program - top paying affiliate programs - best affiliate marketing programs -

ShareASale Affiliate Network


This is one of the best affiliate networks on the internet and offers a ton of merchants from which you can choose. Here you will find many programs for any niche! Their dashboard is super easy to navigate and all programs you follow are neatly organised for easy access to links and promo tools.

A network is basically a ‘platform’ which offers hundreds, if not thousands of different merchants and their affiliate programs. All you have to do is to apply to each merchant that is applicable to your niche and wait for them to either approve or deny your application.

I have found that on the whole, majority of the programs I applied to were approved. If you are a shop owner and would like more targeted traffic to your site, then Shareasale is perfect for you too! Learn how Shareasale can increase your sales, develop your brand and generate more interest in your site.

If you are considering affiliate marketing then Shareasale is one of the first you should explore. Join their network here.

Craftsy - top paying affiliate programs - the best affiliate marketing programs -



Quilt, sew, knit, family, art, cake, cook, bake, more…Craftsy is an online platform based in Denver, Colorado that delivers crafts education, from quilting and knitting to cake decorating and paper craft, via high-definition interactive video tutorials and downloadable workshops.

It also offers community project forums and craft supplies, including independent designer patterns. It was launched by the company Sympoz Inc in July 2011, and within a year Craftsy had attracted over half a million enrollments…for the best and largest online craft site, then Craftsy is the program to join! Click here to get more information or to join.

Swoon Sewing Patterns - top paying affiliate programs - the best affiliate marketing programs -

Swoon Sewing Patterns

Swoon Patterns

Swoon Sewing Patterns pays 20% commission to anybody referring customers to their site. They specialise in bag patterns and have an online shop where you can buy fabric and patterns. You can also find tutorials & freebies here too! It is easy to make commission as the bag images are beautifully clear and they sell themselves! Join the program here. Click on Swoon Affiliates and follow their joining instructions.

top paying affiliate programs - the best affiliate programs to join -

Beautiful Dawn Designs – Blog Themes

Beautiful Dawn Designs

Earn money promoting their themes! Whenever someone clicks on your affiliate link, they will visit Beautiful Dawn Designs through your custom affiliate URL. Cookies are good for 60 days.
If they make a purchase, a 30% commission will be recorded to your account.
On or around the 5th each month, money will be sent via PayPal for all of your commissions from the previous month and no minimum payment is required!

Creative Market - top paying affiliate programs - the best affiliate marketing programs -

Creative Market

Creative Market

Creative Market is an online marketplace for community-generated design assets. The company sells graphics, WordPress themes, stock photography, and other digital goods for use by web creatives. Creative Market has over one million users and more than 250,000 purchasable items. Earn 10% on all referred Creative Market customer purchases for a full year. Plus, earn up to $240 for each new subscriber referred to Creative Market Pro. What are you waiting for? Join Here.

Appliques with Character - top paying affiliate programs - the best affiliate programs -

Appliques With Character

Appliques With Character

Their commission rate is 12% before taxes. You will earn commission on all embroidery and appliques sales even if they use a gift card to checkout. You will not earn commission from your own orders placed. Payments are made once a month through Paypal once you meet the $10 minimum payment amount. Your commission period is 7 days.

If a customer uses your link and then makes a purchase within 7 days, you will earn commission from that sale.
You will be provided with a personal link in your dashboard and once logged into the program, can track all activity and sales.
How can I be Successful? ***The best way to make money is to share the love!! Promote as much as you can. Share all those adorable creations you make and that you see others make. (With their permission of course). The more time that you give to the promoting your links, the more you will make.

People love to see what you can make using the designs. Mashing up designs and showing how you can use two or more together to make something unique is a great bonus because it promotes two designs at once! Use our sales and special events to also drive traffic by simply sharing that info.

You can link to specific pages or products on our site. Use the Link Generator in your panel to easily create links to specific pages. All you need to do is paste the desired URL and the generator will append their tracking parameter to it.

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Styled Stock Society

Styled Stock Society

For beautiful styled stock photos for your blog! You will earn a 30% commission per sale for each new Styled Stock Society membership that you refer.
You will be paid your commissions when your account balance is $50 or more.
Payouts will be made via PayPal – please ensure the appropriate PayPal email address is associated with your account for payment.

Affiliate payments are made on the 15th of each month (or the next business day) when your account balance reaches $50 or more for the previous months’ transactions. Money credited to your account does not accrue interest.
Any page that contains Styled Stock Society affiliate links, banners, or code must be written in English.

As a Styled Stock Society Affiliate, you can only have 1 account. Please use the same email as when you signed up for your membership.
You may place banners or links within your newsletters, in content of your website, on social media or within other web related content.

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Ultimate Bundles

Ultimate Bundles

Your readers will thank you. Every bundle is an incredible value for your readers, and is available for a steep discount of 90-97% off. You’ll make a generous commission on each sale. For every bundle that your readers buy, you’ll earn a 40% commission.

These bundles sell like hot cakes! Because they’re such a great value, and on a range of topics that your readers are interested in, our bundles are a no-brainer purchase for many people. You’ll learn about marketing from the best. Before each bundle, we offer free marketing training to our affiliates to help them get the most from their sale.

Join here. And if you refer new affiliates to Ultimate Bundles, you will receive 10% commission for a full year.

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Bluehost Web Hosting


For powerful webhosting I recommend you sign up to Bluehost where you pay only $3.95/month for hosting!! Join their affiliate program and earn commission on referrals! Simply promote Bluehost on your website with custom banners and links. For every visitor who clicks through these links and signs up, your receive $65. Help others learn why Bluehost is so great. The more you do so, the more you make! Join Here.

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The Best Affiliate Marketing Program

How to earn money online

I recently found what I can only call the best affiliate marketing program available at the moment! Join 1.3 million online entrepreneurs who have signed up to this free program. Its free for new starters and for all the initial training.

It gives you a chance to see if you are cut out for the type of business and training involved. And if you want full & comprehensive access to the best affiliate marketing training, then you can choose to go Premium. But you don’t have to!! That’s the beauty of it!

What else?

They offer great incentives like an all-expenses paid trip to Las Vegas, if you hit your referral target each year! Joining Wealthy Affiliate is not like any other program around. This is a genuine community family who help and support each other on the journey to financial freedom!

The founders, Kyle and Carson are proactive and interactive, giving all new starters a personal live-chat welcome, along with an abundance of motivation and training advice. This is far more than what other programs offer, and that’s just from the outset!

Work online without investment – You can Choose an Interest, Build a Website, Attract Visitors and Earn Revenue!! And its FREE!

Choose an Interest:

What interests you? What are you passionate about? We all have a hobby or something that gets us excited and motivated when we think about it. There are MILLIONS of different ideas that you could potentially tap into online and we are going to help you come up with your very own “topic” within Wealthy Affiliate.

Let’s say for example I was interested in “learning to play a guitar”. That could be the start of my idea for my website and what my business is built off of. There are 3.75 BILLION people online and regardless of the topic you choose, you can be very successful!

This can be absolutely anything that interests you and we even have pre-selected topics and training on how to narrow down your topic within Wealthy Affiliate. The goal is to have FUN with what you are doing. ZERO experience necessary.

When you choose a passion, success is much more likely to follow and it WILL follow when you are a member of Wealthy Affiliate.

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Build a Website for FREE:

Building your very own website is SIMPLE within Wealthy Affiliate. The process takes less than 30 seconds to build a beautiful looking, mobile-ready, and revenue ready website. Your website is going to be the foundation of your business and what will ultimately lead to a successful venture.

Think of your website as your “storefront” for your business. All activity and all revenue will be generated as a result of your website and there are MANY ways you can generate this revenue. We are going to teach you all about that!

At you have access to the most advanced website and hosting platform in the world. A platform built for the most sophisticated online entrepreneurs from a technical standpoint, but from an ease of use standpoint it is an experience that any newbie can thrive within.

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Attract Visitors:

Your goal before you try to make money with any website is to focus on getting actual people to that website. Without people, you have nobody to sell or advertise to. This is a critical aspect of your business.

Within the first few lessons at Wealthy Affiliate you are going to be learning all about the most current traffic techniques and how you can get an ABUNDANCE of relevant customers to your website through rankings in all the search engines…like Google, Bing & Yahoo.


Internet Users in the World

There are over 4 BILLION active Internet users searching for information, looking for solutions to their problems, and purchasing products/services. This is YOUR audience and this is the reality of the opportunity!

When you understand how to capitalize on this audience, you hold the potential to create and grow a business in any “niche” or interest that you wish.

We are going to help you capitalize on the most current traffic methods, from Search Engine Optimization, to Facebook and Social Media, to Pay Per Click. We provide you with the world’s most advanced set of tools and give you full access to network with industry experts.

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Earn Revenue!!

Once you have an audience (traffic), one way you can drive revenue to your website is through special programs called “affiliate programs” which are completely free to join.

Affiliate programs allow you to promote pretty much anything you can imagine without having to own or create the product yourself. No inventory. No shipping. No product support. And you can be located and operate your business from anywhere in the world.

As an affiliate marketer you will send the traffic to the company website, they pay you a commission of up to 75% if your visitors buy something.

Just one example is becoming an “affiliate” of As an affiliate you can promote over 488 MILLION products on Amazon and earn a commission of 6-10%. A single referral can lead to $1,000’s in commissions to you!

Amazon is just one such example, there are over 100,000 affiliate programs that you can join, just about every product you can imagine has an affiliate program.

As an affiliate you are going to be highly sought after, in particular with the skill set you are going to be obtaining very quickly within Wealthy Affiliate!

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***This post contains affiliate links. This means that if you click on the above links, then I may receive a small commission at absolutely no cost to you***

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