Etsy Gift Ideas for Crafty People

What’s On My Etsy Christmas Wishlist!

Gifts for people who sew


What every woman who sews needs (or rather, wants)!

With the festive season looming, I thought I’d so some research and look for sewing and craft related gifts so I can start hinting to the Fam…

The handmade gifts I’ve chosen today are all from Etsy because I just love handmade stuff, so please browse the designers and support the independent sellers!

If you’re a seamstress and you’re reading this post, send it on forward to your significant other to give them a little hint of what you really want this year!

Disclosure: As an Etsy & Amazon Associates Affiliate, I earn from qualifying purchases. This costs you nothing, but for legal reasons, I must inform you that if you click on one of my links in this post and subsequently make a purchase, I will earn a commission for referring you to Etsy & Amazon. So, if you go ahead and click on through today and buy something, let me say a HUGE thank you!

If you still don’t know what to get her, then let her choose!

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Happy gift shopping!

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