Work from home using free affiliate marketing techniques

Work from home using free affiliate marketing techniques


Work from home using free affiliate and niche marketing techniques. Perhaps one of the most popular techniques marketers utilize on the world wide web to make a profit, is “affiliate marketing”. Work from home and earn a passive income today.

Work from home

It is a reality and many bloggers are leaving their day jobs to start websites and blogs where they can utilise affiliate and niche marketing techniques to earn a substantial living.

Although there are numerous business models available, it is quite safe to say that affiliate and niche marketing probably ranks inside the top 3.

Affiliate marketing – definition

Fundamentally, affiliate marketing means to promote someone else’s product and getting paid a commission for it.

If you know how to manipulate the affiliate marketing model successfully, it may make you a millionaire! And without leaving the comfort of your home.

What are individuals on the Net mainly looking for?

Data, that’s right! If you supply them with the data they are looking for, you are a winner the whole way.

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Start with an affiliate network

Begin by making an account on an affiliate network like the Shareasale. This is a network where advertisers post their advertising needs. There are thousands of sellers which you can choose from, apply to join the ones that suit your niche, get approved and start promoting their products!

It’s so easy. Shareasale is a reputable network with thousands of well-known companies using their promotional services.

Start by promoting products within your blog or website posts, linking the products with your unique affiliate ID. This way you won’t be paying out for advertising costs.

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Google Adwords

However, if you have the budget, you can use Google Adwords to help you market the products. You simply begin a campaign, mentioning the product you require to market and give the URL that you’re advertising.

Adwords will mechanically search for the correct site matches for the product and will advertise on them.
The pay is fantastic. You get paid for each click that your ad gets. This is known as Pay Per Click (PPC).

There are some affiliate networking sites, like Shareasale we have mentioned here, that pay only when a sale made. In this case, it becomes a Pay Per Sale (PPS) affiliate service.

With Adwords, your only disbursement is in beginning of the campaign. With that said, you are able to bid on how much you wish to spend from the outset. So you are in control of your budget.

The returns, however, are much more than whatever expense you put into the business at the beginning.

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Niche marketing

What’s a niche content web site?

A niche content web site is a site that panders to a certain group of individuals. Like gardening is a niche; cooking is a niche; motor repair is a niche.

Others would not be interested in reading about these subjects. However, individuals who are interested in these subjects will certainly pack your site and even come repeatedly to look for fresh info that you must put up day in and day out.

There may be a niche inside a niche. Like, in gardening, there may be a sub-niche of how to do away with aphids or how to utilize the right mix of fertilizers to make those grapes larger. These are sub niches.

You have to remember one thing here… the narrower you’re making your niche, the lesser is the number of individuals you are getting for your web site, but at the same time, these individuals are more centered and they will be more mattered to in doing business with you.

Think about it. If somebody truly wants to have a little info on aphid removal, they are not going to find too many web sites on it.

If your web site has that content and likewise promotes some product relating to it, like an aphid spraying product, the likelihood of that visitor purchasing the product from your web site is indeed elevated.

Where to start

First of all, think of a popular niche that you would like to build a website on.

You may go to places like Keyword Tool and check out what many individuals are looking for. Type in a couple of niche related words in the search bar. It will then generate a host of keywords that you are able to utilize. These are the keywords that individuals are searching and are most popular.

Establish content

You’ll need to have at least fifty pages or so of material to make some sort of impact. This means a whole lot of writing! If you want to learn how to start a new website and plan post content, read this related post: Start a sewing business website for free.

Spruce up these materials by using correct keywords within the content of your posts so that it reaches out to the individuals who are looking for the particular information.

Then, look for products on your affiliate network (like Shareasale) to promote on your niche web site. Use the affiliate banners and text provided by the affiliate programs you belong to. Place them within the content of your posts, pages and widgets.

By having your own web site, you are saving cash on advertising services like Google Adwords.

You then have to popularize your web site to get pageviews and click throughs. You do this by utilising Pinterest and making pins for your posts, pages and products you are promoting.

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Learn more

If you would like to learn about affiliate marketing in detail, please purchase my low-priced e-book / course which is totally self-paced and printable upon download. Presented in a pdf format, you can read it offline in your own time, OR read it on your laptop or device, where you can utilise the links built within the content. I have priced the course nice and low so “normal” folk, who don’t want to or cannot spend hundreds on a course, can learn the basics of affiliate marketing…and begin to change their fortunes. Get it here.

This e-book course is about learning how to make money fast! From home! Part-time or Full time! As a hobby or career! Using affiliate marketing strategies and other peoples’ products or services. No need for financial outlays or start-up costs or buying stock. This is a tried and tested method of making a decent income from doing just a little computer work each day.

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